Kilimani Hospital has been providing quality and cost-effective psychiatric services since 2014. To find out more about psychiatric services at Kilimani Hospital please download our information booklet.

General outpatient services are offered by a doctor (general practitioner) and several clinical officers. This service is available daily between the hours 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

We offer our clients a wide range of biochemistry, serology and hematological laboratory tests. Our clinical laboratory is licensed by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board and is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Our pharmacy hours are 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily and serves outpatients, inpatients and walk-ins for prescription and over the counter drugs. We have partnered with reputable pharmaceutical companied to purchase drugs at a discounted rate. The discounts are passed over to our clients.

Our facility has separate male and female wards designed to make patients feel safe and cared for. We have a staff of qualified registered nurse practitioners who provide continuous care for the patient up until the discharge date.

Our nutritionist is available by appointment only. Some of the services offered by our nutrition clinic are:

  1. Nutrition examinations and diagnosis.
  2. Conservative and restorative nutrition programs.
  3. Meal planning. This includes: Diet plans and prescribing supplements
  4. Critical care nutrition.
  5. Maternal and child health nutrition.
  6. Pediatric nutrition:
  7. Special clinic nutrition. This includes: –
    • Nutrition and mental health counseling
    • Nutrition in diabetes
    • Nutrition in hypertension
    • Nutrition in renal disease
    • Nutrition in cancer treatment
    • Nutrition in obesity and weight management


We provide psychological counseling services such as: Family therapy, relationship counseling, marital counseling and a broad range of psychological interventions including cognitive therapy for teenagers with behavioral and school-based difficulties.

Minor procedures can be performed anytime at our facility by our medical team.

Civil servants in job group L and above enjoy both outpatient and inpatient services at Kilimani Hospital, with bills being paid for by NHIF comprehensively.

Non-civil servants with NHIF national scheme covers are eligible for a daily inpatient rebate in the amount KS. 1600 per day.


We adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality especially when handling information of highly sensitive nature. The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

At Kilimani Hospital we offer services that are understood by all clients. Before any treatment is given to a client we counsel and educate them about their health, the purpose of the treatment and the costs involved. Our services are affordable and our billing system is easy to understand.

Most of our patients are referred to us though institutions and medical professionals so we feel the need to protect and grow our referral system. Recently, patients have also begun coming to us directly.

We are proud to have provided medical services to the following organizations.

  • National Hospital Insurance Fund
  • Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Maseno University
  • GA Insurance
  • First Assurance
  • Central Bank of Kenya