General information for inpatients and their representatives

Thank you for choosing The Kilimani Hospital as your preferred medical service provider. We wish your patient a quick recovery while admitted to our wards. Below are a few things you need to know as your patient recovers in our wards.

  1. All medical bills are payable to Kilimani Hospital Limited. You can pay your medical bill via MPESA paybill. The business number 217763, and the account number is the patient name. You can also deposit/transfer cash to Prime Bank, Kisumu Branch account # 3000101111, SWIFT CODE: PRIEKENX. Always request an official receipt each time you make a payment.
  2. Patient’s medical bill is due in full upon discharge. While the patient is in the ward the medical bill balance should not accumulate more than seven (7) days.
  3. We encourage patient visitation as much as possible. Please liaise with our nursing team regarding all visitation.
  4. A maximum of three visitors per patient are allowed in the ward at one time.
  5. When clinical staff need to perform procedures on patients we request that you to leave the ward until the procedures have been completed.
  6. All patients are provided clean drinking water, tissue, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and 3 meals a day.
  7. If your patient requires a haircut please request the nurse on duty to arrange for a barber.
  8. Patients are not allowed to have jewelry, cash, cheque books, or credit cards in the ward.
  9. The hospital provides entertainment as appropriate i.e. television, radio, board games, and magazines.
  10. If you would like to discharge your patient please notify the doctor two days in advance.
  11. Please drop is a line at if you have any questions.

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