Community Outreach

by The Kilimani Hospital

The Community Outreach initiative program at The Kilimani Hospital

not only offers health related opportunities to the communities within and outside Kisumu County, 

but involves hands on professional and nonprofessional volunteers exploring their talents through service delivery.

This program is well encapsulated in our vision and mandate carried out by trained volunteers who are equipped to render services to the society. The initiative will be carried out in schools, universities, companies and other organisations of similar interest.

After training, recruits are placed at The Kilimani Hospital on attachment or on a volunteer basis. Their ability to demonstrate and perform acquired skills learnt during the course of training is evaluated so that the trainees are equipped holistically to advance to other courses offered at our institution.

As a volunteer working in this department you will be involved in hands on training, recruiting, marketing and offering other essential services to all without discrimination. Our volunteers provide much needed help to the institution and the community at large. Their value cannot be measured but is remembered in the hearts of every individual they have helped along the way.

Volunteers spend time at The Kilimani hospital, and familiarize with the local communities and institutions to assist in the recruiting of medics and non medics who assist in the initiative. If you are a medical or nonmedical practitioner willing to join this noble cause at The Kilimani Hospital and create positive change in the lives of communities we serve, you are urged to come and put a smile on the faces of those in need.




  • First Aid
  • Life Saver
  • Emergency Aid
  • Fire Fighting
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Home Based Care
  • Medical Counselling
  • Disaster Management
  • Capacity Building and Career Development